Wild Style (1983)

May 3, 2023, 5:33 a.m. Evelyn Lark

Wild Style (1983)

"Wild Style," directed by Charlie Ahearn, is a groundbreaking film that captures the essence of hip-hop culture in its early days. The movie follows the life of graffiti artist Zoro (played by 'Lee' George Quinones) as he navigates the burgeoning hip-hop scene in the Bronx, New York.

The plot is relatively simple, focusing on Zoro's journey as an artist, his struggles with the law, and his relationships with fellow artists. While the storyline may not be complex, the film's true value lies in its authentic portrayal of the early days of hip-hop, including graffiti art, breakdancing, and rap music.

The acting in "Wild Style" is raw and unpolished, featuring real-life artists and musicians from the hip-hop community. This may appear amateurish to some viewers, but it adds an air of authenticity to the film, making it a genuine snapshot of the era.

The cinematography is gritty and documentary-like, perfectly capturing the urban environment in which hip-hop culture was born. The camera work effectively showcases the vibrant graffiti artwork and dynamic breakdancing scenes, immersing viewers in the world of 1980s Bronx.

Ahearn's direction is commendable for its ability to bring together the various elements of hip-hop culture, creating a cohesive and engaging narrative. The film's pacing is well-balanced, allowing for an enjoyable viewing experience.

The music in "Wild Style" is exceptional, featuring early rap and hip-hop tracks that accurately reflect the innovative sounds of the time. The film's soundtrack is a must-listen for any fan of the genre, as it showcases the roots of hip-hop music and its evolution.

In conclusion, "Wild Style" is an essential film for anyone interested in the history and origins of hip-hop culture. Its raw authenticity and vibrant portrayal of the early days of graffiti art, breakdancing, and rap music make it a valuable piece of cultural history.

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Wild Style (1983)

Wild Style (1983)

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