"Unfair World" (2011)

March 14, 2023, 7:52 a.m. Evelyn Lark

"Unfair World" (2011)

"Unfair World" is a gripping and intense movie that explores the dark underbelly of Greek society, where corruption, violence, and injustice are rampant. Directed by Filippos Tsitos and starring Antonis Kafetzopoulos, Theodora Tzimou, and Christos Stergioglou, the film tells a story of crime, betrayal, and redemption that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The plot of the movie follows Sotiris (Kafetzopoulos), a police officer who is drawn into a web of corruption and deceit when he investigates the murder of a businessman. As he delves deeper into the case, he uncovers a web of lies and deceit that implicates some of the most powerful people in Greek society, including his own colleagues.

The themes and tone of the movie are dark and cynical, with a sense of fatalism and hopelessness that pervades the film. The acting is superb, with Kafetzopoulos delivering a standout performance as Sotiris, a man torn between his sense of duty and his desire for justice. The supporting cast also does an excellent job, with Tzimou and Stergioglou delivering nuanced and complex performances as two of the suspects in the case.

The direction of the movie is tense and atmospheric, with Tsitos creating a sense of claustrophobia and unease that adds to the film's sense of impending doom. The score, composed by Babis Papadopoulos, is haunting and atmospheric, adding to the film's sense of tension and suspense.

The cinematography and production design are also noteworthy, with the use of naturalistic lighting and handheld camerawork creating a sense of urgency and immediacy. The special effects and editing are minimal, with the filmmakers choosing to focus on the characters and their emotions rather than on flashy visual effects.

The pace of the movie is fast and frenetic, with numerous plot twists and turns that keep the viewer guessing until the very end. The dialog is sharp and biting, with the characters delivering snappy one-liners and biting commentary on the state of Greek society.

Overall, "Unfair World" is a hard-hitting and intense movie that will leave you feeling shaken and disturbed. It's a film that exposes the corruption and injustice that pervades Greek society, and the toll that it takes on the people who try to fight against it. While it may not be for everyone, it's a must-see for anyone who enjoys gritty and uncompromising crime dramas that don't pull any punches.

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"Unfair World" (2011)

"Unfair World" (2011)

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